Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water Heaters harness sun's radiation to heat water to be used in industrial/commerce applications as well as daily household puposes. In order to heat water using solar energy, a collector, often fastened to a roof or a wall facing the sun, heats working fluid that is either pumped (active system) or driven by natural convection (passive system) through it.

Benefits of Solar Water Heaters

  • Free hot water up to 850C
  • Zero maintenance
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • Pay back period < 3 years
  • System life of 25 years

We supply Omega Max 8 of Racold Thermo Ltd.

The Omega Max 8 series of solar water heaters comes with a high pressure withstanding capacity, which makes it suitable for pressurized applications

Racold Thermo Ltd. is a fully owned subsidiary of the Ariston Thermo Group, Italy - the world's no.1 Water Heating company, Racold recieved the prestigious award for the 'Best Performed Manufacturer on installation of Solar Water heaters in 2011-2012' by MNRE, Govt. of India.

Available from 100 ltrs. to 20000 ltrs. systems for domestic, idustrial & commercial applications.